The Truth is what you experience
when YOU don’t overshadow the reality.
Step aside and break down your fence.
Let it go, you can’t avoid the fatality.

What really IS? Wanna break the code?
But, what is NOT is just too intense.
Try to understand, until your head explodes;
Nothing fits, and nothing makes any sense.
Dreamland is your homeland.

Let your mind evaporate.
Turn inside, no more YOU doing anything.
Don’t stop the world, let it accelerate.
Oh come on and play in cosmic everything.

What really IS? You’ll never break the code.
This illusion is your last defense.
Try to see the  truth, until your mind explodes;
Cut the pieces of yourself, at your expense.
Dreamland is your homeland.

Dreamland is your homeland,
there’s no exit for dreams
awakening in a strangle land
it is not what it seems

Dreamworld is your homeworld,
there’s no exit for dreams
awakening in the real world
is not what you think it is
not at all

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